Extended fencing for customer to cover conservatory.

Very old kitchen transformed.

Redecoration of a double length room.

Bath removed and a walk in shower installed.

Moveable stairway installed.

Farmhouse snug transformed.

Downstairs toilet created.

Toilet refubishment

Simple kitchen in a rental property for less than £4000 all in, includes decorating, lighting, flooring and old kitchen disposal.

A pokey kitchen with no space transformed into a very useable kitchen

A few examples of typical fencing and decking works undertaken.

It may not seem much  but this boxed in area within a small bathroom is taking up a lot of potentially free floor space

The existing mixer shower will be re-used but repositioned lower.

Before you ever install a bathroom this way ask the following question. How do I ever service or replace the taps?

With the boxed in area removed and a new compact toilet and sink installed, a lot more floor space has been freed up in the room. Couple this with the space freed up for a vanity unit and you now have a much more useable bathroom with a lot of free floor space.

Another view showing the shower cubicle, a large 1000x800 rectangular unit; This is a nice size for a shower cubicle, allowing room to shower without touching the sides all the time and allowing you to move in and out of the shower stream.

A decent sized shower cubicle in place of the existing bath.

removal of the bath and installation of the shower cubicle has allowed me to create an area for the customer to install a vanity unit with a wall mirror above. Note the installation of the new 1100x500 stainless steel towel rail in place of the normal radiator.

small kitchen but lots of features

finished kitchen with mosaic wall tiles
Howdens kitchen Burford Cream, with Solid Oak block worktops new island with breakfast bar at the end. note pop up power supply post
nearly finished, with grouting only needed to finish it off
Existing kitchen with Marble work top. very modern but dark and didn't suit the cottage
Marble topped centre island, again modern but absorbs all the light and dosen't suit the cottage

A refurbished compact bathroom

you can fit a quart into a pint pot

shower over bath with hinged shower screen in the compact bathroom

corner bath to be replaced by a small standard bath

coloured sink and tiling to be replaced

interesting sealant on a corner entry shower cubicle.

existing shower to be relocated with the pipes concealed

removal of the wall tiles and shower cubicle found that the shower tray had not been secured to the floor, neither was it sealed with sealant before tiling. notice the gap; no wonder it leaked. this was a real bodged installation.

newly installed bath and new tiling

another view of the tiling and border above the bath

new quadrant shower cubicle, low level shower tray, and new vinyl flooring

new white sink, new tiling and border with new bathroom cabinet

repositoned shower where the pipework and wiring has been routed inside the airing cupboard on the other side of this wall.

3 areas of decking as part of a garden make over
pink bathroom suite boxed in toilet cistern
after refurb note removal of boxed in cistern allowing new toilet position with more space. soil pipe boxed in giving a useful shelf
lean too with acrylic roof built down side of a bungalow
small bathrooms can look good
en-suite refurbishment
everything new including vinyl flooring
installed coping stones alongside an existing path at an infant school
small bathrooms can look good
a Howdens kitchen
feather edge fencing on sloping ground
kitchen refit with tiled floors
adapted cupboard where the door and side hinges out to expose the boiler
angled return to this kitchen installation separating it from the dining area
a hole knocked in the side of this garage and a door installed converting this to a hobby studio
part of a whole house refurbishment showing the newly painted hallway and new lino flooring
solid wood worktop to this kitchen with breakfast bar in the foreground
another view of the breakfast bar
summer house built onto riased deck, the ground slopes off to the left quite a lot
left to right: full out larder unit, fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, tall storage cupboard
real wwod worktop with real wood upstands
cupboard on the right was adapted to conceal a soil pipe
galley utility room set up
downstairs toilet with boxed in pipework creating cupboard storage and useful worktop