A pride in my work that helps make a difference.

I have always been interested in how things work and was always taking things to pieces from an early age and finding out how they worked. What started as pulling apart radios and bicyles progressed to motorcycles and cars. As I grew up and got my first house I then got into house redecorating and repairs etc. and before long was installing a new kitchen followed by a shower and bathroom suite.

At the time this wasn't my day job just a weekend and day off pastime, but i have always enjoyed doing practical, hands on work, and am very good at problem solving.

I taught myself electrical and plumbing skills before eventually gaining an official qualification in electrical work. This qualification allows me to do "Full Scope" electrical works in domestic dwellings. I also taught myself tiling, fencing along with painting and decorating skills, allowing me to tackle most tasks within the home.

As my business has grown I have taken on a secound person and am busily teaching him all I know, and his assistance has allowed me to take on the larger jobs getting them completed quicker than if doing them strictly on  my own. I am now at the stage where I am looking to bring on board a third person to allow us to underake even more work.


There are four main areas where i do not undertake work, these are building brick walls, plastering rooms (though i can undertake repairs), roofing work (with minor exceptions) and any work to do with Gas, other than that i can tackle most things.


My many skills allow me to offer an almost one stop shop, so instead of having to call on loads of different tradesmen to sort out your problems, I can deal with most of them myself and those I can't I can often get in the people I need to do the work for me.